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Today’s Technique Tidbit is from Nicole (yep, aka “da Boss lady”)

You will need:

white paper
Microsoft Word program

Doing journalling on your computer looks great esp. when done in white. Unfortunately computers/printers do not print in white (i.e. there is no such thing as white ink) so here’s a new technique of how do get around that using MS Word.

1. Open Word and type in your journaling.

2.Select the drawing tool and then the square shape on the bottom toolbar.

3. A drawing canvas will appear –draw a square or rectangle within it.

4.Double click on your shape to get the format menu and then select a new fill color.

5.Using that same menu, select the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT. This will move your colored block behind your text.

6.Highlight the text and then go to FORMAT>FONT

7.Change the font color to white.

8.Use the points on each corner of your colored square to adjust the size of it as desired.

9. Print on white paper.




Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday – Printing White!" (7)

  1. alimom4 said:

    I can’t WAIT to try this!! Beautiful LO as well, Nic! 🙂 TY for the great article.

  2. Love your layout! And I’m going to try this one tonight!!

  3. Nicole,

    Great job! I’ve known this trick for evah but you would be amazed how many customers I would have to explain “there’s no white ink for your printer” to (back when I used to hawk office supplies for a living)… I wish EVERYONE had this tutorial 😉

  4. So smart Nicole – I never thought of doing that and I’m a flippin’ graphic designer!

    I’m smacking my forehead right now!

  5. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I’ve saved these instructions for future use.

  6. I saw these on the SBCH site and am still waiting for the perfect time to use them….but I WILL! Thank you for the instructions when the time comes for me to need them!

  7. Shannon said:

    Great idea! I love it..

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