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Today, Design Team Member Heather Hopkins shares some ideas to raise awareness about  small but beneficial “green” changes we can make while scrapbooking. Enjoy! Thanks Heather!

Simple Changes Add Up!

By: Heather Hopkins

Now is the time to focus on simple changes that contribute to a greener future for everyone. Here are a few easy ways to be environmentally conscious while you scrapbook. 

§  Change at least one light bulb over your scrap space to a compact fluorescent. Those qualified to ENERGY STAR® use about a quarter as much electricity as a conventional light bulb to produce the same amount of light. Compact fluorescents cost a bit more than incandescents, but they last up to ten times longer.

§  Turn off your computer when you’re not using it. A home computer, monitor, and printer can use up to 200 watts of electricity. Set your monitor to go into “sleep” mode if it is idle for more than 5 minutes, and your computer to do the same after 15.

§  Take a cloth bag on your next trip to the LSS. Avoid traditional plastic bags in favour of reusable totes. Most plastic bags wind up in landfill sites, where they can take up to a thousand years to biodegrade. A cloth tote is durable, easy to carry and much more eco-friendly!

§  If your LSS is within walking distance than don’t start up the car.  Walk! Contribute to cleaner air and get your exercise at the same time. Save the gas money and spend it on scrapping goodies.

§  Recycle. Don’t fill your waste basket with paper scraps and packaging.  If you can’t create a project around your waste (see Mara’s article) then sort your paper, cardboard (chipboard) and plastic packaging into your recycling bins.

§  Even better, take notice of the amount of packaging in the products you’re buying.  Choose items with less packaging.  Manufacturers will take notice if it’s affecting their profit margin.

§  Snacking at your scrap table? Buy locally grown food. Take some time to visit local Farmers Markets and learn which fruit and veggies are grown nearest you and which have to travel thousands of miles just to reach your plate. If you can’t live without your Tim Horton’s coffee, don’t toss those cups.  The cardboard cup can be recycled with your other cardboard waste and the lid goes into the plastic bin.

§  When cleaning up your scrap area and wiping down your scrapbooking surfaces don’t use harsh chemicals. Use old fashioned vinegar and water solution. If you need an abrasive cleaner, baking soda does the trick in an eco-friendly manner.


Comments on: "Scrappin’ Green: Tips for Eco-Friendly Memory Keeping, 3rd Edition" (3)

  1. Super tips!Thanks Heather!

  2. Great tips Heather!

  3. alimom4 said:

    Heather, TY for a thought-provoking article. I have begun using a few of your tips. Also, those links are … WELL, they’re amazing! WOW! Thanks again for the article!

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