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Technique Tidbit Thursday- Stitching:  Article and Photos by Tammy Wilson

Do you want to add some texture to your layout or project? Stitching on layouts is not a new technique but one that should be reconsidered. It truly adds a “crafty” feel to any project as well as an added punch of color right where you need it.
Stitching shouldn’t be limited to only feminine layouts or cards. It is perfect for most any page and you can match the thread or embroidery floss to any paper you are working with. Another added benefit of hand stitching is that it can be done anywhere. It doesn’t have to be done at your scrap table; it can be done on a plane, in a car, or parked in front of a good movie! Machine stitching isn’t quite as portable but adds an equally beautiful level of texture to your layout.
The following are step-by-step instructions on how to hand-stitch a layout or project:

1. It is probably best to map out your project prior to any hand-stitching.

2. Place all of your page elements where you want them and then lightly sketch the design you intend to stitch with a pencil. For this card I used the cross stitch pattern of the “Easy Stitches” template from Paper Pizazz. These marks should be very light as you do not want to have eraser marks on your project later.

3. Using a paper piercer, push-pin, or sewing machine (with a non-threaded needle) create holes for your stitching. You can either mark the spacing with a ruler to ensure even stitches or leave your stitches uneven to create visual interest. Tip: Make sure the holes you create will accommodate the thickness of floss, yarn, or thread you intend to stitch with. You may need to use a small hole punch if you are working with yarn.
For this card I just used my embroidery needle to poke holes for my design.

4. Once your holes are right where you want them, erase the pencil marks.

5. Now grab your needle and thread and stitch away!



Comments on: "“Technique Tidbit Thursday” Stitching!" (5)

  1. Great tips and cool use of the template too!

  2. alimom4 said:

    This is so, so, so cute Tammy! Love the card! I never think of hand-stitchin’ thanx for reminding me of this easy and fun technique. Great little article too!

  3. Cute card, Tammy. The stitching really makes the card. Looks like fun!

  4. Jeanine said:

    Love this idea for cards, it’s a simple technique that anyone can try and also fun, really cute!! I have that template so thanks for giving me ideas to use it!!

  5. Jacqueline said:

    Great tips! I love the look of stitching but the thought of actually doing it scares me so it’s something I’ve only done once or twice. Your tips, however, just might help me.

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