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Welcome to our 2nd Edition of “Scrappin’ Green Tips”!

Our Second Edition “Scrappin’ Green” installment is a feature from SBCH Design Team member Mara (oceanlover).  She has a clever and creative “green” project tips to share with us. Enjoy!

Don’t Throw That Away!!

By Mara Campbell

As scrapbookers, many of us love to shop for supplies almost as much as we love to create with them. But how many times have you found yourself throwing away tons of plastic wrapping, cardboard fillers and flower containers when you are done using the product? Many of these things that get thrown away can be re-used and repurposed. Before I throw anything away, I always ask myself ‘Can I use this for something else?’.

How many times have you thrown away a chipboard template? You know, the chipboard negative space that remains after punching out the shapes? These are great templates that can be reused over and over again. You can use the template for paint, stickles or as an outline for stitching.

Here is a wood frame I altered and used the chipboard template to add a stickles flourish.

I used the same template as a stitching template for this layout. I traced the flourish with pencil, poked sewing holes and hand sewed the flourish.

Use your imagination and you’ll be saving your chipboard negative space and never buy another plastic template again!

What about that big plastic packaging that chipboard and flowers and so many other embellishments come in? Don’t throw it away! You can use your punches to make your own custom ‘acrylic’ shapes. Just cut a square from the plastic packaging, grab your favorite punch and get to work! 


 For this layout, I punched out flowers, then added acrylic paint to the edges. I incorporated the plastic flowers with stamped flowers. Nice way to use my trash!


You can cut the plastic into any shape you want and enhance with paint, stickles, rubons or stamps for a fun, custom embellishment.

Flowers and buttons and so many other embellishments come cutely packaged in jars, bottles, and tins. But what to do when the cute little package is empty? Well, don’t throw it away! Those jars and tins become wonderful alterable items. I saved these button jars and they have become a cute little gift for a scrapping friend of mine.


This tin became a wonderful candy tin for a Valentine’s Day treat.

So before you throw anything away, ask yourself…can I use this again? You will be surprised what you can re-use and repurpose!!

 We need your input: Anyone who would like to submit ideas for a future blog article or project for “Scrappin’ Green” is most welcome to contact us… Additionally your “green scrappin’ tips” would be fantastic: we’ll compile them for a future article, so please feel free to send them in!! To sweeten the pot, Ali will draw names for a cool RAK from among those who send in ideas for “Scrappin’ Green” within the next 14 days… you have until June 13, so send ’em in to !!!!!


Comments on: "Scrappin’ Green: Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping 2nd Edition" (2)

  1. alimom4 said:

    Great article Mara with some useful and easy ways to stay (or go) GREEN!! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!~ We appreciate it ’cause we all learn from one another. WTG girl!

  2. I LOVE your idea about punching out your own acrylic shapes. I can’t believe I never thought of that before!!! Now I might have to buy more punches! LOL

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