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Let’s Get Organized!!

Have you ever wished for a more efficient way to store your chipboard pieces? Ever wondered what, if anything, you should “keep” from those old scrapbooking magazines you’ve stockpiled? What about looking for some easy ways to store those awesome acrylic stamps you just bought? What’s the best way to keep track of the scrapbook-related challenges you want to try every month? And, of course, the question on the minds of many scrapbookers: what’s the best way to organize and store paper scraps?Well, there are multiple answers to these questions, so how about some tried and true responses from scrappers who’ve dealt with the very organizational problems you have been wondering about?

Scrapbooker’s Club House recently added a new section to the Forum. It’s filled with storage solutions and sorting tips, decluttering ideas and scrap-room smarts! For the dining-room table scrapper to those lucky enough to have a whole room to scrap in, tips abound. The varied input available will help grease your organizational wheels and help you save valuable time no matter what the dilemma!

In the brand new “Let’s Get Organized!” section, feel free to start new topics and add your tips to existing ones. Share ideas. Explore dilemmas. You’ll probably discover that you’re not the only person wondering about a certain scrap-related storage topic. You might even meet a new friend or two while sniffing out a creative solution to an organizational dilemma. You’re always welcome at SBCH, so be sure to pop over to the Forum and check out the “Let’s Get Organized“‘ section!

~ Alison K. MacDonald
March 22, 2008


Comments on: "Let’s Get Organized!!" (2)

  1. Thanks Ali! I know our members are going to find the new forum very helpful and informative! :0)

  2. Hi…………. hv ur doing ,,,, its an small information regarding how to take over the club house incharge….. who as newly joined person

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