You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

 Here’s a FABULOUS SBCH Contest for you to participate in and enjoy, with a chance to win a great pair of prizes!This contest runs from March 1-8, 2008.
~The International Women’s Day Multi-Tasking Challenge~

Here’s a chance to help us Celebrate International Women’s Day at Scrapbooker’s Club House!

Here are the rules:
(Please read carefully. There is a BONUS!)

Participation means that you’ll be entered in a draw to win a $5.00 Gift Certificate to the SBCH Store from me, and a cool scrappy prize packet from Nicole!

Since most women are such great multi-taskers, I thought it’d be cool to ask that you choose TWO challenges from those posted below and share them with us.

There are LOTS to choose from! Please note, there are both LOs and cards listed as choices. We only ask that the pairs (two challenge items) that you enter not both be cards. Thanks! :o)

Each person who completes the 2 challenge items of their choice and posts them to the International Women’s Day Contest folder in the Gallery, will have their name entered into the drawing once.

**BONUS!!! ie: Completing 4 challenge items (ie: 2 pairs) will get your name entered in the draw twice, and so on!!! Yes, you can enter this contest as many as 8 times!**

Layouts and cards can be any size: 6×6, 8×8, 6×12, 12×12 and can be horizontal or vertical, whatever you like. You are the designer!

DEADLINE for all entries is March 8, 2008 at midnight MST. Your entries MUST be uploaded to the contest folder with your name included by that time.
**Please remember to upload your entries to the International Women’s Day Challenge folder in the Gallery with your NAME on each one for a chance to win prizes.**

List of challenge topics to choose from~
1- LAYOUT: Describe your strongest link to another woman (Could be your Mom, a neighbour, a friend, another relative, etc). Why do you think that link is so strong? IDEA: include a photo of this person or of the 2 of you together.

2- LAYOUT: What is YOUR strongest attribute/quality? How did you come to realize it was your strongest quality? Was it a sudden, or more slowly dawning, realization? IDEA: Share a photo of something that represents this quality for YOU. It can be an old or new photo, of you or of an inanimate object, or scenery.

3- CARD: Make a card for yourself, thanking you for something you have done; something that you feel in ANY WAY has made the world a better place. IDEA: Describe the thing that you are being thanked for inside the card. Use your own handwriting at least for this portion of the card.

4- LAYOUT: If you could change ONE thing about your life, what would you change? Why? IDEA: Include a photo of something that symbolizes the thing you would like to have changed.

5- LAYOUT: What was the hardest life-lesson you ever learned? How did you move on? IDEA: Include a pic of yourself from THAT time period or one near to it.

6- LAYOUT: What was the BEST work (paid or unpaid) you ever did? Why do you feel it was your best work? (Please elaborate.) IDEAS: include a photo of yourself doing this work/or in the workplace. Include an award or citation you earned or were given. Could include a business card, letterhead, id badge, or photo of the place you were working, if outside the home.

7- LAYOUT: Write a letter back in time to yourself at an age YOU can choose, from the present time, (ie: write it to yourself at age 18, for example from the perspective of the age you are right now.) IDEA: use your own handwriting for the letter.

8- LAYOUT: Talk about your own aging. As a woman in the year 2008, how do you feel about becoming older? Is aging different than it used to be for women? IDEA: Describe your hopes for retirement, travel, ageing, leisure, hobbies, grandkids, grandnieces/nephs, etc…

9- LAYOUT: Tell about how a woman, or group of women, have made a difference in your community. IDEA: Could include an example of what they did: photo, commendation, landmark, news article, or write it down for us (describe the thing she/they “did”) etc…

10- LAYOUT: For Grandmothers/Mothers or Aunts: What life lesson(s) do you hope to pass on to your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews? IDEA: Could tell us how you will pass these on.

11- LAYOUT: Make a card for a woman you know, thanking HER for something she has done to make the home/neighbourhood/town/province/country/world a better place. IDEA: Inside the card, you might want to use your own handwriting to describe what the person is being thanked for.

12- LAYOUT: If you could hand out a “Woman of the Year” award (you choose the year!), who would you award it to? Why? IDEA: You could also describe what the award would look like: be imaginative! Please describe it in as much detail as you can if you decide to use this idea.)

13- CARD: Your best friend just won a Woman of the Year award. Make her a card with a note inside to congratulatejher. IDEA: Tell her why you are proud of her!

14- CARD: Make a card and write a note inside to a former (female) co-worker or supervisor telling her how she affected you/your life in a positive way. (Note~ This positive effect can be ANYTHING, small or large!)

15- LAYOUT: Make a LO listing the ABC’s of you, from “A to Z” or the ABC’s of a woman you know well and admire. IDEA: You might want to add a little bit of journaling for some of the letters of the alphabet, instead of just 1 word. Explain things a little! You might want to include a photo of YOU!

16- LAYOUT: Make a list of TWENTY adjectives (descriptive words) that describe you/your personality. IDEA: You could then choose 5 from your list and elaborate on them (ie: tell why those words apply to you. You may choose to give an example(s) when you elaborate by telling a story, short or long!) Include a photo of YOU!
Now, review those rules and go choose 2 challenges.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun creating this week!!

Celebrate women! Celebrate YOU!     iwdlogo1_e.jpg

When you’re done your challenges, upload them both as instructed.

Don’t forget to add your NAME!


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