You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Each week Scrapbooker’s Club House will choose to spotlight one of our forum members.  Beware!! You may be the next to be spotlighted!  We will of course contact you in advance so you can share your story, favorite techniques and your favorite creations.

This week’s member spotlight is:  Michelle

I started scrapbooking, like all the other things I’ve started, and it never really caught on with me, despite the products I’d purchased. Then a few years later I met Nicole and the Posse through Trina and everything fell into place, I’m addicted now. I do it mainly as a creative release, but it’s nice knowing I’m killing two birds with one stone, my creative impulses are satisfied and my pictures are being preserved and displayed. Multi-tasking, always a good thing. I love trying all different kinds of techniques and experimenting with color mixing. I don’t always use the same line of paper when I mix patterns, it’s more challenging that way. So, my style is always changing. I have so many favorite pieces that it would be hard to say which is most my favorite. But…

my favorite is a recent one.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Michelle, please feel free to submit a comment.

Would you like to see more of Michelle’s creations?  Be sure to check out her “Gallery


Comments on: "SBCH Spotlight – Member – Michelle!" (8)

  1. it was fun getting to know you michelle!

  2. Tfs Michelle! Your lo is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for sharing with us Michelle! I love that Layout!

  4. TYFS Michelle! It’s great to get to know you better!

  5. Michelle, I loved learning more about you. That LO is beautiful, too! TYFS with all of us on the SBCH BLOG!

  6. Thanks all! I’m excited to be the first featured non-dt! Thanks for looking, and it’s been great knowing you all, too.

  7. vickykelly said:

    What a beautiful lo! I’m glad to have had the chance to get to know you over the past year! How’s it going with the little one?

  8. Lovely lovely LO Michelle!!! It’s nice to get to know you better!

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